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As our name suggests, Evolutionary Health has switched platforms and is now a full-blown website. The change will be gradual and this site will still exist, but all future updates will be at our new site Visit us there for up-to-date content, links to podcasts, our new consulting service, and a forum!  Keep Evolving! … Continue reading

The High Protein and Bone Health Debate Laid to Rest

One of the common arguments I hear against high-protein diets, specifically those high in animal protein, is that they are detrimental for bone health. In fact, many nutritional textbooks published in the 1990’s and early 2000’s adopt this stance. Unfortunately, this viewpoint is based upon a handful of research studies with 1) an inadequate understanding … Continue reading

Exercise in a Pill: Not so Fast

Exercise in a Pill: Not so Fast I just returned from the American College of Sports Medicine conference in which the theme was “Exercise is Medicine”.  I would argue that exercise is indeed medicine and that diet and exercise are the most powerful “medicines” to combat the current epidemic of modern chronic diseases such as … Continue reading

Reactive Oxygen Species and Antioxidants: An Alternative View

Antioxidants have been peddled as a cure-all for many pathological conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. Additionally, there is a current theory that antioxidants can aid in forestalling aging as they directly inhibit the “Free Radical Theory of Aging.   The concept of antioxidants as efficacious aids in battling the aforementioned diseases and slowing the … Continue reading

Magnesium: A Key Player In Tissue Health, Inflammation, and Insulin Sensitivity

I have recently been focusing my research on the role dietary minerals play in maintaining health as I feel it is an overlooked aspect of nutrition. The last few weeks I keyed in on the role protein plays in calcium homeostasis and bone health and the potential dangers of high vitamin d and calcium supplementation. … Continue reading

A Critical Perspective on Vitamin D and Calcium Supplementation

Vitamin D and calcium supplementation are two heavily touted and prescribed supplements with ample epidemiological evidence to back their efficacy in reducing bone fracture and cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk (1,2, 3,4,5). Furthermore, deficiencies in either calcium or vitamin D are associated with a host of pathological conditions including: osteoporosis, neoplastic colonic growth, rickets, and dental … Continue reading

Way More to Whey Than Big Muscles: Glutathione Status, Immune Function, and Gut Health

Whey protein (WP) supplementation has recently gained popularity amongst athletes as it is reported to improve athletic performance. WP is a popular dietary protein supplement purported to provide improved muscle strength and body composition due to greater a compliment of essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids and to result in greater biological value … Continue reading

Gluten and Weight Gain Study Part III: The Wrap Up

It is time for part 3 and to bring a close to the gluten free diet and weight gain paper. Part 1 and 2 discussed the results of the paper in regards to weight gain, adiposity, insulin resistance, glucose homeostasis, hormonal responses (i.e. leptin, resistin, and adiponectin, LPL, and HSL), along with nuclear receptor activity … Continue reading

Gluten and Weight Gain: Part 2

Unfortunately, I do not have a witty, well crafted introduction for this post so we might as well dive right into it.  I planned on making this a two part series but after re-reading the paper I decided I wanted to give this section and the very last section careful and thoughtful attention as there … Continue reading

The Role of Gluten in Weight Gain: Part 1

If you have read the book “Wheat Belly” you are likely familiar with the idea that wheat is a cause of weight gain and that it is “as sugary as a Snicker’s Bar” metabolically speaking. While I believe there are some interesting points in that book I do not agree with everything stated in it. … Continue reading - A Look into the Surprising Elements of Supplements

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An Evolutionary Approach to Health, Nutrition, and Fitness

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